What is your warranty protocol?

Each light in the Crazy LED collection has been carefully chosen for component quality and manufacturing quality.  The guarantee we give varies from model to model.

How does it work?

The warranty covers the repair or replacement of your LED grow light in case of defects or malfunctions.
The warranty period is valid from the purchase date. It includes all components and labour needed to get the device working correctly again.
If a component is no longer available we will replace it with an equivalent component or exchange the LED grow light.
The warranty period is valid from the purchase date. Crazy LED will not extend the warranty period in case of repairs or replacement within the warranty protocol.

Our warranty covers normal usage of your LED grow light in the country from where it was purchased.
We can refuse shipments to areas other then where it was first purchased.  
In case of repairs the buyer has to pay the postage for shipment to our office and the items must be returned in its original packaging.
We will do our utmost to solve any issues as quickly as possible.
The warranty does not apply without the original purchase invoice.

The warranty does NOT cover:

Defects caused by:
-Accidental damage. (such as dropping the unit, spilling water on it, etc)
-Careless operation.
-Any other use other than what the unit is intended for (indoor home growing)
-Use of components and accessories provided by third parties.
-Faulty assembly, installation, or repairs by others then Crazy LED.
-Shipment damage of the LED grow light from the customer to our office due to poor packaging.

If you experience any problems with your LED grow light after the warranty period we still advise you to contact us. Perhaps there is an easy and effective way to help you solve the problem, even after the official warranty period ends.